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FRIDAY - The leader band showing off during the presentation...

Leaders 2018

Anna Gustavsson, versatile and talented young nyckelharpa player, plays in several band, leads different ensembles.

Hanna Wiskari,  saxophone wizard from the west coast – has just started the first ever Ethno New Zealand!

Suchet Malhotra, Indian percussionist and music organizer, heard in a number of projects in home city New Dehli. A veteran at Ethno nowadays, and a veteran we cannot live without!

Peter Rousu, guitarist and bass player from Rattvik village Vikarbyn. Peter has been doing the Ethno On The Road tour for several years now but this will be his first Ethyno as a leader!

Susanne Lind, singer and fiddle player from the south,a true Ethno veteran – she was one of the participants at the first ever Ethno in 1990!

Sandra Marteleur, great fiddle player in bands such as Stormsteg, very inspiring and enthusiastic as a leader.