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Baltic Ethno band to tour in four countries

Ethno Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Estonia have together organized a tour with a fabulous ethnoband this fall. The band will play in all four countries and do both workshops and concerts.

The band consists of Sarkawt Karlsson (IRQ/SWE), clarinet, Bram Van Weverberg (BEL), accordeon, Vera Kuisma (FIN), fiddle, Laura Holm Skyum (DEN), cello, Prabhat Das (IND/SWE), percussion, and Katariina Tirmaste (EST), flutes.

Here are the Swedish concerts: 30/10 Sigridslunds Café, Sparreholm , 31/10 Stallet Stockholm, 1/11 Kulturhuset, Rättvik, 2/11  Café Lyran, Skattungbyn, 3/11 Futurum, Järna.