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Say hello to The Ethnotes!

We might not do an Ethno in Sweden this year – but we have five artistic mentors that will do Ethno anyway! Anna Gustavsson, Ian Carr, Daniel Reid, Natasja Dluzewska and Sofia Tåhlin will spend 1-8 July in Rättvik – just as planned – and under the new band name The Ethnotes do both digital workshops and small concerts in the area. Four gigs are planned – Hotel Lerdalshöjden, Rättvik, July 3 at 15:00, Alfvéngården in Leksand July 4 at 13:00, Furudals bruk July 7 at 13:00 and then Kafé Nyfiket, Rättvik July 8 at 14:00 – please come and get some Ethno music if you are in the neighbourhood! Som Ethno guests might show up at the concerts too. At Nyfiket they will also show the fantastic Ethno film from 2015, “From Nairobi to Rattvik” right after the concert.
Look out for the digital workshops on Facebook and learn some new Ethno tunes while waiting for life to get back to normal! And go see the Ethno 30 years exhibition at Folkmusikens Hus, it opens on July 3 and closes August 28.