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Aftrenoon: Concerts at Café Nyfiket, Folkmusikens hus and other venues in and around Rattvik.

7 PM: ETHNO SESSIONS – Spend the whole night in Rattviksparken with Ethno friends, playing with or listening to musicians from all over the world. Bring an instrument and join the Ethno backup band on stage – Allan Skrobe, guitar/mandola, Bosse Nordenfelt, bass, Hanna Wiskari, sax, Kristine Heeböll, fiddle among others.

12 noon: The Rattvik park opens. Mini-ethnos, workshops, film, exhibitions, jam and spontaneous music all day long. 

7 PM: ANNIVERSARY CONCERT – a big anniversary concert on two stages with exciting musicians as Frifot, Världens Band (The World´s Band), Ethno in Transit, Mattias Pérez & Nano Stern and First Ethno Band.

PS: Thursday July 2 at 7.30 PM you can enjoy the Ethno Sweden final concert in Rattviksparken if you include that in your festival ticket or buy a separate one.