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Registration for Ethno Sweden 2020 is now open.

Ethno Sweden takes place in the town of Rattvik, some 250 km north-west of Stockholm. It started on Thursday June 25 around 18.00 and finishes on Friday July 3 after lunch. The camp is open for young musicians age 17 to 25. The basic idea at Ethno is to teach your music to others and learn their music. It is based on workshops but the camp finishes with a couple of big concerts.

The participation fee for non-Scandinavians is 240 €. We provide a free shuttle bus from Stockholm and back after the camp.

This year we celebrate Ethno 30 years with a big international festival called EthnoFest right after Ethno Sweden finishes. You are welcome to stay for the two day festival for a small fee for food and lodging – the festivalpass included.

Registration is open until May 15. If you apply before March 15 you might get accepted by the end of march and secure your place at Ethno.