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Hello Anna!

… who will do her first year as Ethno leader 2017! She has taken part in many Ethno music camps around the world and of course enjoyed them.

– I remember my first Ethno, she says. It meant so much to me to see so many people my own age play folk music. I could not have imagined that so many shared my interest. I made friends from all over the world and have kept in contact with many of them. Ethno has opened doors for me like nothing else could have. If I had not been to Ethno I would probably not have played music and been where I am today!

Anna Gustavsson graduates from the Royal Academy Of Music this spring. She is also a free lance musician and a teacher with her nyckelharpa. She has several international projects going as quell as projects mixing different musical genres. She is on the board of the Eric Sahlström Institute as well as Ethno partner organisation Folk You.

– I am really excited to be an Ethno leader this year! To be able to work with the sound of the bows and harmonies, create music together and make sure everyone feel good and safe at Ethno! This will be the best Ethno ever! So apply – you will not regret it!

Word! Do register for Ethno 2017 at and come play with Anna and the rest this summer! If you want to find out more about Anna, go to