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The pandemic is not going away and the vaccine is not being distributed with the speed that we have wished for. Today we are not sure we will be able to do Ethno and the festival EthnoFest in July as we want.

We hope to be able to make decisions in the end of April. By then we might know more about what the summer will be like – if the borders are open, if the vaccination is going fast, if the virus is finally being defeated. Or not.

Until then, keep signing up for Ethno Sweden – at this moment there’re about 50 people registered so there’re a lot of young musicians really wanting to come to play with us this summer. All fees and tickets will of course be refunded if Ethno and Ethnofest are cancelled.

Until then we are keeping our fingers crossed and continue to plan for ten fantastic music days – and nights – in Rättvik Dalarna July 1-10 2021. So keep your fingers crossed for us too – and see you in July!