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Have fun in Croatia!

As always Sweden is swapping participants with Ethno Croatia. This year we are able to send SIX Swedish young folk musicians to the magical Ethno Croatia in magical Groznjan. Klara Andersson, Olivia Lagerberg, Emelie Nordin, Irma Björkqvist, Lovisa Mannela and Evelina Eriksson. And this is how they describe themselves:

These six musicians play different instruments, come from different parts of Sweden and love to meet different kinds of people and cultures, just to often find that nothing really diverse; especially when it comes to love for music!

United through different camps (for example Ethno!), schools, bands and festivals they play together with a lot of joy and feeling. Their repertoire consists of swedish traditional music, performed with a variaty of instruments and voices. With a lively and expressive play they create a groove that invites anyone to dance.

To say that this group is looking forward to going to Ethno Croatia is a deep understatement. Saying that they are SUPER EXCITED is a bit closer to the truth. As most of them are former Ethno participants they know that Ethno is just such a boost of musical joy, cultural exchange and hope for the future. They really look forward to both learning and teaching new tunes and to have the wonderful favour of connecting with people from all over the world.

Picture: Emelie, Lovisa and Klara, om the Ethno Sweden stage 2016. Photo: Peter Ahlbom